How long can you go without hearing from your kid??

MothersDayThe phone rings 3 times in succession.. 1st time (aw telemarketer).. 2nd time (hmmm weird)  3rd time- must be the kid- in trouble!  Using a friends phone?  On the side of the road?  Someone calling me to give me bad news??

Okay.. telemarketer.



‘Way Past June ’15

So people/you are actually visiting this site?  Thank you!

…and OK.

I cannot imagine all of the permutations there are to all of the empty nests we have out in the world..  all I know is mine.  But somehow we all have empty nests in common.. and this is where we can support one another.  Because,  I think we do need support, and encouragement, and reassurance that we (and our kids) will be all right.

So what’s in common?  We love our kid/s, we wish them well, we are trying very hard to let go and let them live their own lives, AND we want contact.  We want to enrich our own lives in the light of the changes, and still be (become) people our kids will cherish and feel proud of, and want to communicate with.  We want to know them, and them us, as we grow old/er.  Ha ha- at least I do!  There are definitely times when I can go weeks without too much contact and be absolutely fine with this.. the links grow a little weaker than they were, for sure.  Maybe more on this,  later.

Its actually odd to be writing this blog – since my son is at this moment in his room eating something and watching cartoons (I think).  Door closed and occasional coughs or maybe the clicking of a lighter as he runs the bong again.  Yes.  I started this blog while he was still in school.

My son is 21,  6’5″..  decided college was not for him, and lives 2 hours away from home but pops back to work, here in his hometown, every other week.  He is doing good things, has a smart girlfriend, is polite and intelligent.  Someday he will figure life out, or maybe he is doing that right now.. I don’t know.  But this is the parental experience: we never really know where the child is going, and all we can do is stay positive and supportive- love them.

So being an empty nester is not really about the kids- its about us.  You and me, and who we are.  The only thing that happened is- we had children.  And now we are back to the beginning in a way, but very changed by the experience.

So this site is dedicated to us.

Trying to paint (for me)


Hello world!

Well, writing about an empty nest might be just about as empty as the reality.. but thank you WordPress for the opportunity to reach out to everyone who might be feeling the pain, and the possible pleasure, of looking at a life ahead where we are not SO needed, where we are standing on the verge of a very fun new chapter ahead.

Just a question:  what would you like to hear from me?